EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone!☀️ Happy Tuesday! Well grab those raincoats and umbrellas because we are finally forecasting some rain!🧥☔️🌂

That is going to be later on tonight, we are not expecting a lot of rain but any kind of moisture here in the Borderland is definitely going to help us, we’ve been so dry lately so our soil definitely needs it!

We are expecting a high of 80, breezy winds in the morning at 15-20mph and gusting up to 30mph later this afternoon.💨🍃

Tomorrow, however, we will be back in the 90s but we will be mostly cloudy all day.

Thursday we will begin to dry up and warm up to the 90s with some windy conditions.

Breezy conditions for your Thursday and Friday, upper 80s for your weekend, but we will be back to the 90s next Tuesday!☀️

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!!😇