EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday and Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!🍨🍦

Perfect day for some ice cream because we are forecasting a high of 103 degrees! That is also the coolest we are going to be for the 9 days so expect some extremely hot days ahead and we are not even in Summer yet!☀️🥵

Winds with be calm at around 10-15mph like yesterday.

So get those summer clothes ready, those hats, sunglasses and and of course that sunscreen! You might even want to wear some shorts for those graduations this weekend!☀️🕶⛱🩳🩱🧴

However, we are also tracking some rain towards the end of the week. We are looking at possible storms up in the mountains on Thursday through Saturday, but Sunday we will have our best chance for some rain!☔️ 

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!