EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday!!💙💙💙

Well are expecting a high of 98 degrees and finally nice calm winds! So pretty hot but we are going to get hotter! Tomorrow we expect to be back in the triple digits! ☀️🕶⛱🩳🩱🧴

As for the end of the week though, we are forecasting 10% chance of rain for your Thursday and Friday!🌧☔️🌂 That’s some very exciting news! We haven’t seen any rain in over two months! The last time we saw rain was actually March 22nd!

So finally we are going to get the smell of rain here in the Borderland and as of now, looks like we are expecting another windy weekend!💨🍃

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!☀️