EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning sunshine’s!☀️ Happy Friday!🌹 TGIF!! Well I wish I could give you good news for your Friday but we are looking at a High Wind Warning and Red Flag Warning later this afternoon.

However, you early birds are in the clear, those winds aren’t going to start until around noon, and the peak of those gusts will be around 4pm. We are expecting sustained winds up to 25-35mph and gusting up to 50mph! So make sure you are securing anything outdoors.💨🍃

We are also looking at some very dry weather which is not a good combination, that could lead to critical fire conditions and potentially a wildfire. We definitely want to avoid anything like that happening in El Paso so make sure you are being very careful this weekend and not handling any kind of fire activity outside.

We are looking at cold front moving in on Saturday dropping us down to the 80s and bringing us even more dry weather but we do have some good news!

We are forecasting some rain next week!☔️ Finally! That will be the first time we see rain in the whole month of April! We are expecting 20% on Tuesday, 10% of rain Wednesday morning.

Then we will slowly warm up to 95 next Thursday!☀️

Have a safe weekend everyone!!😇