EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! TGIF!! We finally made it to the end of the workweek!

Well we got to see the best-defined gustnado ever recorded in El Paso yesterday afternoon in the East side! The National Weather Service did confirm it was real.

It does have the strength and power to potentially cause some damage but it is not classified as a tornado. A gustnado is a short-lived, ground-based swirling wind tunnel that can form on the leading edge of a sever thunderstorm. Take a look at the picture below from our Weather Watcher Abraham Castillo.

Just an incredible shot to see but as far as today thankfully we will not be seeing some strong, gusty winds like yesterday, they will only be around 5-10mph.

We are going to be under a heat advisory all weekend so we are looking at temperatures over 105 degrees.☀️🥵

Make sure you are staying hydrated💧 and cool, wearing that sunscreen🧴 and please make sure not to walk your dogs in the middle of the day, do it early in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is going down.🐕🐶🐩

We do expect to break a record tomorrow for your Saturday at 107 degrees! Beating the record last year by one degree.

However, we are also tracking 20% chance of rain next Wednesday🌧☔️ so get ready for even more humid weather.

Stay hydrated everyone!