EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!! TGIF!!!

Well some of you may not be having a great Friday because we saw some hail last night! So Eastsiders unfortunately you might be waking up to some hail damage this morning!

After two very dry months we saw some rain here in the Borderland, along with thunderstorms, winds, and lightening!🌧☔️☂🌂

As for today we are forecasting a high of 97 degrees, so overall a warm day especially with all that humidity we woke up to!

We do expect a couple gusts throughout the day but we are going to begin to dry up! Saturday we are expecting 99 degrees with breezy conditions and then windy conditions on Sunday!

As for next week we are looking awfully hot!☀️🕶⛱🩳🩱🧴 We are looking at triple digits Monday through Saturday! Possible rain chances next week as well!

Have an amazing safe weekend everyone!