Roxy’s New Year’s Eve Forecast on 9: Bundle up tonight!🧥🧣🧤 because we are expecting plenty of rain today☔️ – Along with possible windy gusts up to 50mph right before your midnight countdown💨😔🎉🎆🍾


EL PASO, Texas (KSTM) – Good morning borderland!☀️ Happy New Year’s Eve!🥳🎉💥🍾

We are expecting plenty of rain this weekend, so remember when thunder roars, head indoors!⚡️ Regardless, I know plenty of you will still go out tonight for the New Year festivities and the Sun Bowl game!🏈 🏟 Just bundle up!🧥🧣🧤

The rain started last night, and it is staying with us until 2022, so if you are heading out the door this morning make sure to grab an umbrella, a raincoat maybe some rainboots and drive cautiously with those slick roads, especially up in the mountain areas, it could be very hazardous.🏔🚗💧🌂☔️👢

Hopefully it does not interfere with all those fireworks!💥🎇🎆 We are forecasting most of the rain throughout the day and fewer showers in the evening, for your midnight countdown.🕛 However! For midnight, we are forecasting strong, gusty winds up to 40-50mph starting right at 11pm unfortunately.

Winds and rain chances sticking with us all weekend long, upper 40s for the first day of the new year, possible freezing temperatures for Saturday and Sunday night in the 20s, then back to the 60s by next week.

Have a great weekend everyone, be safe!

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