EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone!☕️☀️⛅️ Happy Monday!! Hope you are starting the week strong!

Well we woke up below freezing this morning at 28 degrees🥶 that is also what we expect tonight as well, so bundle up🧥🧣🧤 and bring those plants and pets indoors!🐶🐱

Today is a good day for golfers out there!⛳️ Today is the only day this week we don’t expect heavy winds🌬, however, expected a high of 55 degrees today, so pretty chilly.

That high pressure system is going to move in our area starting tomorrow, its going to warm us up into the 60s and bring in those windy and breezy conditions for this entire week as well, so get those kites ready!🪁

Cold front moves in Saturday night into Sunday morning dropping us back down to the 50s once again, and producing some rain chances with it as well.

Have an amazing Monday!😇