EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Well we definitely felt that slight cold front into your Sunday, we were pretty chilly and breezy and very cloudy!☁️ Definitely looked like it was going to rain, we even felt that humidity, but unfortunately we missed out on that rain once again!🌧☔️🌂 

We are starting off chillier than usual this morning but we are forecasting a high of 92 degrees with some breezy conditions this afternoon at around 10-20mph.💨🍃

After today though we are going to stay pretty hot and into those triple digits for your Memorial Day weekend!🕶⛱🩳🩱🧴

We are forecasting 101 degrees for your Friday! Don’t forget that sunscreen and those sunglasses this weekend, we are going to get awfully hot!☀️🥵

Have a great Monday everyone!