EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Monday!☀️🌻🌻🌻

Hope you had a beautiful weekend and you enjoyed the weather this weekend because we are expecting back to back windy days this week unfortunately.

As far as temperatures we are still staying nice and warm, we are expecting a high today of 86 degrees with winds up to 15-25mph but gusting up to 40mph.💨🍃

However, tomorrow is going to be the worst day as far as winds go, for your Tuesday we are expecting gusts up to 55-65mph, that is what we consider damaging winds! So make sure you are securing anything outside or it will end up in your neighbors home.

Next cold font moves in on Wednesday dropping us down to the 70s and those winds staying with us for your Wednesday as well so definitely bundle up a little more that day.

We are expecting a breezy Friday and possibly our first 90 degree mark of the year on Saturday!☀️ But staying windy this weekend as well even on Easter Sunday.🐰🐇🥚🐣🎉🎊

Have a great Monday everyone!!😇