EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – According to the El Paso Police Department (EPPD), the Sun City is seeing an increase in aggressive drivers, and road rage incidents.

During an interview with El Paso resident Luis Rodriguez-Reyes, KTSM got to witness a typical road rage incident, with one driver apparently cutting off another, followed by a loud confrontation between the two.

During the incident, Luis Rodriguez-Reyes said: “I see traffic every day. I see very desperate people, I see people honking, I see people insulting one another. Out of nowhere I ask myself, did I do something wrong? But no, I haven’t done anything wrong. Simply, people are just in a rush, they cut me off or they speed up and honestly, it’s very chaotic.”

El Paso Police Department Sergeant, Javier Sambrano, claims road rage can escalate quick when the aggressive driver gets a response. “We learned that there are some witnesses that have seen those vehicles, cutting in front of each other for a while and that one of the individuals in one of the vehicles took out a handgun and fired fatally wounding our victim.” Sambrano said.

Sambrano says a few tips to keep in mind when witnessing dangerous drivers are:

  • Report aggressive driving to the police when you see a driver out of control
  • Do not respond to an aggressive driver because it can make the situation worse
  • Instead, simply move out of their way

Rodriquez-Reyes says, when COVID numbers were high and people had to quarantine. He didn’t see many aggressive drivers.

Once quarantine was over, that’s when he’s noticed more incidents.

“We can’t forget that the most important thing is our own lives, it’s about taking care of ourselves and being sure of ourselves! It’s not worth wanting to get to work early or if you’re running late and want to get to work on time. It’s not worth risking your life and others,” said Rodriquez -Reyes.  

EPPD officials are still investigating the suspicious road rage incident KTSM reported back in September, as one man was killed along I-10. Police are still looking for the suspect.

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