EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Eco-friendly lifestyle might be something to consider for your New Year’s resolution and with a few steps, an easy change to implement in your household.

El Pasoan Gabriela Herrera has been on her eco-friendly journey for the past four years and it all started with her daughter buying an energy-saving light bulb.

She now tries to produce as little waste and use biodegradable, vegan and sustainable cosmetics as well as cleaning products.

Herrera orders household supplies in bulk, uses as much she needs and sells the rest from her garage to friends and neighbors under the label she calls And Refill.

The little shop in her garage is set up as a refill station where anyone can bring their used containers and fill them up with the products she has, without breaking the bank.

“We try to do anything that is possible to reduce our waste mostly our plastic,” she explained.

Not only is she doing this to save the planet, but says that the products she uses are also better for your body.

She said it took her family some time to get used to this lifestyle, but it became easier over time and saved her money long-term.

Among reusing plastics and buying biodegradable household supplies, she also minimizes her plastics in the kitchen and while grocery shopping. She said it’s one of easier things to implement in your daily life.

“When you go to the supermarket, instead of buying the plastic containers for the milk and some other products, try using glass containers or paper,” she advises,” I also buy laundry detergent packaged in cardboard.”

As for those who think biodegradable cleaning supplies are not as efficient, she said, she tried all of the products she uses in her little shop and believes they work just as good.

“It’s a little hard in the beginning, but in the long run you can see the benefits. And it’s not as hard because you are actually saving money,” said Herrera.