Rent A Spouse With New Service In The Sun City


When it comes to cleaning and home repairs, there are some who can do it all, then there are others who have to try a little harder.

But now, you can save the sweat by renting a spouse to help you around the house thanks to Sometimes Spouse, an emerging Texas-based business, now in El Paso.

The name alone, already raising eyebrows in the Sun City.

“Who are they and what are they going to do?” said Lisa Dornberg, a customer.

Owners and founders Christy and Max Ogle said Sometimes Spouse is a service for all your household cleaning and home repairs.

They said the business will do any chores your spouse would do.

“As long as it’s legal. That’s the key,” said the Ogles.

Dornberg recently rented a husband to help her raise her backyard fence.

“I like it,” said Dornberg. “I have three little kids at home and need the extra hands sometimes.”

But is her husband okay with it?

“Yes, yes, yes, because he’s gone frequently,” said Dornberg. “To have someone trustworthy be able to help.”

Real husbands like Jonathan agree. He hired the help of Sometimes Help, also for his fence.

“I thought it was a great idea! because I’m no fence builder,” said Jonathan.

The idea behind the business was born when Cristy’s single friend needed Max’s help. Basically, she rented out her own husband.

“Yeah, but they had to send him back at the end of the day,” she said. “You wouldn’t sleep over, that’d be weird.”

But that doesn’t mean people don’t call in to ask for special requests.

“We had some calls asking if we were an escort service-that’s not what we are at all,” said Christy. “We used to get calls from the Waco jail to ask for dates.”

“Yes, C-O-L-L-E-C-T calls,” said Max.

The website does offer some clarity for the curious, but not all.

The site’s list of services by gender could be interpreted as sexist, something the Ogles said wasn’t their intention.

“We have husbands who do wives work, wives who do husbands work,” said Christy. “We are equal opportunity kind of place.”

In the end, are the services of Sometimes Spouse worth it?

The average cost of an hour of cleaning services in El Paso is about $75 dollars, compared to Sometimes Spouse’s $50 dollars, amounting to 33-percent in savings the Ogles said is invaluable.

“We try to help them have more family time,” they said.

More time to make real memories.

“Spend time with the kids, playing in the backyard versus than fighting with nuts and bolts,” said Jonathan.

Sometimes Spouse does not do any plumbing, electrical, or work that would require a special license.


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