Red Sands still littered with 4th of July trash


Volunteers wanted to help clean up the trash in Red Sands.

In Red Sands, it’s hard to miss all the mess people celebrating Independence Day a week ago left behind.

Texas Rescue Patrol, a non-profit that patrols people in the area, said many who celebrate in the area don’t bother to pick up after themselves.

Jamil Moutran, the patrol chief, said some people don’t realize most of the area is privately owned by multiple people and there are no funds dedicated to maintain the land.

Which means volunteers end up cleaning up after everyone year after year.

“Generally what ends up happening is we get a lot of wind that comes through here and the sand just covers it. But if you run your hand through that sand, you’re going to pick up trash and nails and glass. It’s really sad because that’s not who El Pasoans are,” said Moutran.

El Paso County Public Works will provide a large roll off trash container and TNT Fireworks is providing some money for water and other expenses on clean up day which is set for Sunday.

Texas Rescue Patrol said last year, they picked up enough trash to fill a large industrial dumpster.

Volunteers are asked to show up to the office located at 15698 Montana at 9AM Sunday with trash bags.

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