Red light cameras to come down soon in El Paso


EL PASO Texas (KTSM) – According to the El Paso Police Department, all red light cameras have been shut off. City Council plans to discuss when they will be taken down completely.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting the City Manager plans on signing a winding-up agreement between the City of El Paso and Redflex Traffic Systems. The agreement is expected to last for six months and will address how the city will remove cameras.

This comes after a house bill was signed back on June 1st by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott banning the red light cameras in Texas. Currently the City of El Paso is working to transfer and collect the current data of all citations for people who ran red lights before the bill was signed.

“If the violation occurred and it came to us and we reviewed it and approved it and it was processed that process is still out there,” said Victor Zarur the Assistant Chief of Police. “Violation’s that may have occurred after the date of the effect we have not sat down and looked through them we have shut that system down.”

Currently, when driving around El Paso you will still see the red light cameras and signage for them. However, they will not take your picture. The El Paso Police Department is encouraging everyone to drive safely even though the cameras will be gone.

“If everyone would just drive carefully pay attention to the signage, the intersection lights and all, I think we’d be better off and that’s what we’re asking individuals to do out there,” said Zarur. “This component may not be there but I think the individual has that responsibility to be aware of what they’re doing and follow the laws and if they do I think well be ok.”

The timeline of when you can expect to see the cameras coming down will be discussed at Tuesdays City Council Meeting which began at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

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