EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A viral post on social media gained the attention of many El Pasoans after a mother alleges her daughter was a victim of multiple types of abuse at a local daycare.

Protestors gathered outside Little Kings & Queen Daycare & Learning Center on Wednesday afternoon, Sept.13.

They held signs that read, “What if it was your daughter?” and “Honk for justice.”

The protest came after the viral social media post where a mother claimed that her daughter was abused.

KTSM spoke with several protestors who said they believed this was not the only case of abuse and neglect.

“It’s going to take one victim to get it worse than the other ones to have justice,” a protestor said.

A protestor said her daughter used to attend the daycare and while attending, they noticed a rash on the daughter’s private area.

In light of the current situation, they took their daughter to the doctor and showed the medical provider the “proof.”

Doctors were able to tell those parents it was never a rash and that something had been done to their daughter.

“Now everything seems to be making sense to me and the dad,” said the protestor.

Another protestor told KTSM she was there speaking out in solidarity for the young girl and her family.

She noticed when the post went viral how many other people started to share their stories.

She said it saddens her as a mother and as a victim of sexual abuse herself.

“She had her childhood stolen from her. Her mother trusted her with the facility for them to take away her innocence or to rob her of her childhood,” the protestor said.

The same protestor also said as mothers, fathers, brothers and as people “we have to get justice.”

The department of Health and Human Services is the licensing entity and KTSM is working to find out if the daycare still has an active license.

The El Paso Police were on the property all afternoon.

KTSM observed investigators arrived before 5 p.m. to the Little Kings & Queens Daycare & Learning Center.

This is a developing story and as we learn more we’ll make sure to keep this article updated.