EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Project Amistad is expanding its fleet by adding new buses for the community.

Project Amistad is known for its transportation program for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. For the last 47 years, you have seen them driving around the community, providing transportation to medical appointments for those who need it.

The Amistad program provides non-emergency medical transportation to individuals over the age of 60, to people with who have a disability, migrant transportation and fixed route transportation for Sun Metro routes.

Andrea Ramirez, chief executive officer for Amistad, says the new buses will not only allow Amistad to meet the demands of the community, but will provide better customer service to the individuals being transported.

The new buses are scheduled to arrive and will be be in service by the end of February.

If you would like to schedule transportation services or become a driver, you can visit the Amistad website.