President Trump makes another push for a border wall during El Paso visit

President Trump

The message coming out of President Donald Trump’s rally was clear: “Finish the wall.”

The slogan was hanging from the rafters and was the focus of the President’s speech to a packed El Paso County Coliseum Monday night.

With a Beto O’Rourke rally across the street, Trump used his platform to push for more border security, specifically funding for the border wall he has touted since the beginning of his campaign.

“When someone walks into our country we take them to court,’ Trump said. “No other country does that.”

Trump did not repeat his claim that El Paso went from one of the most dangerous cities to one of the safest. He did say the barrier made El Paso much safer and called it “a different ballgame.”

“I don’t care if the Mayor is a Republican or Democrat, they’re full of crap that it did not make a difference,” Trump said. “I heard the same thing from the ‘fake news.'”

The claim that El Paso was once one of the most dangerous cities in the country was said on Feb. 1 and repeated last week during the State of the Union address. It has since been fact-checked by KTSM and other news organizations as false. 

On Monday the President said the wall will protect against drugs and other violent criminals.  

He pushed for both sides to come together and reach an agreement against illegal immigration and encourage legal immigration.

During the rally, several protesters were escorted out and one Trump supporter jumped into the media area and began pushing reporters and equipment. 

He ended the rally at about 8:38 p.m. and said the people were there united by similar causes.

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