Neighborhood next to Coliseum prepares for President Trump’s visit


People who live in the neighborhood right down the street from the El Paso County Coliseum where President Donald Trump’s rally will take place said they haven’t heard anything about how traffic is going to work on Monday. 

The small community sits at a dead end against the border highway. They said that they are happy that President Trump is coming to El Paso. However, they hope it won’t cause too much commotion.

Residents said that when there are events at the Coliseum that parking in their neighborhood can become hectic. 

“They better let me know that I won’t be able to go out because I’m in my city, I’m in my street just because the President is coming doesn’t mean that I can’t go here or there,” said Reymundo Luna who lives in the neighborhood by the Coliseum.

KTSM has reached out to TxDOT and El Paso law enforcement, and they have not provided any information regarding what streets could be blocked off at what times. 

President Trump’s visit comes after he referred to El Paso during his State of the Union Address. He credited the border fence with curbing crime and making El Paso safer. And while his claim that El Paso was once one of the most dangerous cities in the country was untrue, some residents, including Luna, do believe the barriers have kept them safe.

Luna said that before the border fence was put up they had a lot of immigrants crossing illegally and running through their backyards. Which is one of the reasons he started a neighborhood watch.

“They would just cross, there was no fence, no barrier, no nothing and now they won’t be able to do it that easy because of the big barrier,” he said.

Luna said he still is in the neighborhood watch because they still deal with illegal crossings in his neighborhood. He said he’s happy that the President is coming to El Paso and to his neighborhood. 

President Trump will be speaking at the El Paso County Coliseum at 7 p.m. on Monday. According to his campaign, his goal of coming to El Paso is to show that “walls work.”

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