El Paso Republican Party on standby for presidential visit


Monday’s visit to El Paso will be a campaign rally where President Donald Trump will be speaking as to why he should be re-elected.

El Paso County’s Republican Party told KTSM they are on standby waiting for direction on how they can participate during the presidential visit.

Republican Chairman Adolpho Telles said he hopes Trump makes time to visit the border wall even if it’s just driving on the border highway.

Telles said presidents are commonly greeted by or meet with people who make large contributions to a campaign. However, he thinks it will be people who protect and serve who will be there on the tarmac as Air Force One lands on monday.

“It’s going to be people who he considers grass root. There will be law enforcement. He is a big supporter of law enforcement. But it’s his people who decide who is going to be there,” said Telles.

Telles said if Trump tries El Paso cuisine, it should from Rosa’s Cantina located at 3454 Doniphan.

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