El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar addresses border situation

El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar along with local leaders, and other non-profits came together at a news conference on Friday afternoon at her office downtown.
It is really unfortunate that we have to spend time, resources and effort working to un-do things that are harmful, instead of building up systems that are helpful and productive, Escobar said. 
The congresswoman called out the federal government for what it hasn’t done in assisting migrants seeking asylum, especially here in El Paso.
Escobar said according to the Annunciation House, Border Patrol has not been helping distribute families at the various hospitality locations and instead are dropping families off in one failed swoop.
We’ve also learned that Border Patrol is dropping people off after they’ve been processed without their paperwork, without their photographs. That makes air travel impossible, Escobar explained. That means they will stay in El Paso instead of getting to their final destination with their asylum sponsor.
Standing alongside elected officials and NGO’s, Escobar went on to say the current influx leaves a burden on our city and county resources as well as exhausting local non-government organizations and their volunteers.
We are working on a way to fund refunds to the local governments that are using local expenditures in order to pick up slack where the federal government has essentially been inadequate, Escobar said.
The El Paso congresswoman also talked about the proposed new processing center here in El Paso that could hold up to 800 migrants. She said it could take at least SIX months to a year for that to be ready.

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