El Paso community reacts to President Trump’s national emergency declaration


After President Trump declared a national emergency to pay for his border wall, he says he’s ready for a fight, but so are his opponents. 

Local residents from the Borderland also gave KTSM their reactions.

“I voted for Trump but it was the biggest mistake I ever made,” Las Cruces resident Harold Alexander said.

Some residents say the border wall is a waste of money and won’t help with immigration, while others say it can.

“All the drugs that are flowing in this country and illegal immigrants flowing in our country, immigrants are more than welcome here but just do it the right way,” Clint Flowers, a Houston resident, said.

President Trump again mentioned El Paso while discussing border security.

“In El Paso they have close to 2,000 murders right on the other side of the wall and they had 23 murders, that’s a lot of murders but it’s not close to 2,000 murders right on the other side of the wall in Mexico,” President Trump said.

Local residents said the reason for low crime in El Paso is attributed to its law enforcement.

“We’ve got city police, Sheriff’s Department, FBI, DEA, Customs, ICE, Border Patrol, Secret Service, I mean there are so many different law enforcement agencies in El Paso,” Alexander said. 

But others in support of the wall say it can help the safety in throughout the country.

“I do believe El Paso is a very safe city but a lot of immigrants who do come over whether legally or illegally don’t just stya in El Paso they go to the rest of the country,” Santa Teresa resident Brennan Wills said. 

Local leaders also made statements in response to the President’s declaration including Texas State Representative Cesar Blanco, District 76, calling it a “political campaign” and an “abuse of authority.”

“I live a few yards from the wall and I think our community is safe because of our local law enforcement and police department and I wish President Trump would’ve come down here during his visit to our sheriff’s office to meet with our department to see information firsthand of how we became some of the safest communities along the Texas and Mexico border,” Blanco said.

In addition to immigration issues and border security, some residents said they believe the wall is about something larger.

“We have so much division in this country right now we don’t need more and a wall is just a symbol that shows the barrier between this country and Mexico and between the citizens in this country,” Alexander said.

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