Crowds gather in support of Trump near O’Rourke rally


Just one block away from Beto O’Rourke’s campaign kick-off event, dozens of Trump supporters gathered in support of the current president.

More than 100 protestors held up anti-O’Rourke signs and chanted “build the wall” near the Plaza Theatre Saturday morning.

Border security, immigration, and abortion were just some issues discussed at the rally.

“It’s the Beto that is supporting late-term abortion, that is the side of Beto that has thrown law enforcement under the bus, the side of Beto that has turned his back on Israel,” Bob Pena of the El Paso Republican Party told KTSM. “There are patriotic Americans here that are not lockstep with that.”

Organizers said the protest ended right before O’Rourke took the stage in an effort to avoid conflict between the two parties.

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