Congresswoman Veronica Escobar holds first Town Hall meeting


With the border wall at the heart of a battle betweeen Democrats and Republicans, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar held her first town hall which was primarily focused on that very issue.

Many constituents were still left with questions about President Trump’s border wall following the recently-ended government shutdown. 

Many voiced their concerns and questions, both supporters of the wall and those against.

“It really frustrates me that they cannot come together to build something that’s going to be a positive for our country,” Anthony Gonzales, an investment advisor, said.

Many of the public’s questions for Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, in her first ever town hall, surrounded the government shutdown and the border wall funding feud.

“The issue that’s at the forefront and that has been at the forefront this entire month has been the shutdown so it was good to be able to share with El Pasoans why I felt it was important to hold firm and not negotiate in a hostage situation,” Escobar said.

She was referring to the shutdown as a hostage situation, saying federal workers were treated as hostages and went unapid while the government was partially closed.

Escobar also explained what plans are in the works over the next three weeks, as the bill President Trump signed to reopen to government lasts until February 15.

“The Democrats are working on a funding plan and our plan is based on what we hear on the ground, CBP agents tells us there’s not enough CBP personnel at our ports, that there’s outdated technology,” Escobar said. 

“We believe regardless of the party that law enforcement needs the tools necessary to do their job, the dispute and the disagreement is over which tools work best, for Mr. Trump it’s a wall.”

Escobar also said she plans to hold monthly townhalls in order to be transparent with the public, no matter which political party they identify as.

“I’m hoping that we all heard each other and at the very least you know I hope the folks who don’t agree with my perspective walk away knowing that I will listen,” Escobar said.

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