EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso Police is urging everyone to stay away from random house parties that are often turning violent and deadly. 

Enrique Carrillo,  public information officer with EPPD, said these parties are often promoted on social media, and from what they see, aimed at minors and young adults from 15 to 20 years old. 

They are usually posted with short notice and promote use of drugs and alcohol. 

“The number of people that attend cannot be controlled and their motivation for attending obviously can’t be controlled,” said Carrilo, explaining many times opposing groups or gangs go to these parties causing violent altercations that hurt bystanders as well. 

He said the parties often take place at rental residences both in the city of El Paso and the county lines. 

“The crime has gone up considerably, in a safe city like ours we are having to do with more crime, more aggression and more gun shootings than we’ve ever had,” said County Judge Ricardo Samaniego. 

On August 1, the County Commissioner’s Court reinstated the county curfew for those 16 and under in the unincorporated county areas, citing an increase in teen crime. 

This curfew has already been in place in The City of El Paso.

Carrillo is warning parents to monitor what their children are doing online and for everyone to take personal responsibility and decide not to attend these parties. 

“When it’s friends having parties, that can be one thing, but when it’s these things that are promoted on social media and spread like that then you can count and bet that there’s going to be violence,” Carrillo said adding “the plain truth is they can be a victim of a violent crime if not a victim of a murder.”

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