EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A 17-year-old killed his mother with a shotgun after an argument Friday, Dec. 16 and then fled the scene, El Paso police said.

The suspect is now in custody, according to an update released by El Paso police Monday afternoon.

The shooting happened Friday afternoon along the 300 block of South Hills in South El Paso.

According to the police, Juan Ortiz, 17, fled from the scene after the shooting and was arrested Sunday after he tried to cross over the Paso Del Norte International bridge in Downtown El  Paso.

Police say Ortiz shot his mother, 34-year-old Isabel Ortiz, after an argument. She was taken to a local hospital where she died shortly after arrival.

According to court documents, the shooting was witnessed by the victim’s brother and one of her children.

According to the same court documents, police also obtained video surveillance showing the suspect fleeing the scene on foot after shooting his mother. The surveillance video also shows an unidentified person attempting to hide the suspected firearm used in the murder in a vehicle outside the home.