Poke Popularity


El Paso is now catching up to a new national food trend with the opening of another Poke restaurant. 

Poke is a Hawaiian meal with a rice or salad base, raw fish and veggies. Poke3 is now the third establishment in El Paso to open with this concept. 

“El Paso saw the trend with sushi about 10 years ago, where different restaurants started popping up and popping up,” said Vicente Santaella, a partner for Poke3. 

This style of food is most commonly seen in cities near large bodies of water, but is slowly making it’s way to drier areas like the Borderland. 

“Through our providers we are able to pull seafood fresh straight to El Paso through FedEx,” Santaella explained. “We are going to be receiving shipments two to three times a week, depending on the movement. So there’s never a worry of it being old fish or anything like that.” 

Beto Enriquez, who is also a partner with Poke3 , (pronounced po-kay cubed) said the inspiration for the restaurant’s name comes from the food’s cubed-sized raw fish portions. 

He and Santaella decided to take a chance with the concept, which they say is healthy and convenient, to give El Paso better options when it comes to fast food. 

 “El Paso usually lags behind in whatever is trending around the country, so we wanted to introduce it. People are asking for it, people want to eat healthy now,” said Enriquez. 

Poke3 is located at 3535 N. Mesa St. in West El Paso. It’s expected to open in late February and also have a drive-thru. 

Hiring is now underway. Anyone interested is encouraged to pick up an application at the location. 

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