EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Brandon Perez, 17 who was arrested for allegedly shooting a man outside of El Cometa on Saturday, May 13 told the judge in Thursday’s bond hearing that he was a senior at Pebble Hills High School. His bond was reduced from $150,000 to $100,000. KTSM has obtained court documents that show what led up to the shooting.

According to court documents, the 38-year-old man who was shot told officers that when he was in line with his girlfriend at El Cometa, he noticed a man was behind them and was looking at Perez through a window who was standing outside.

The victim said the man walked outside and got into a fight with Perez and then came back inside. The victim then told officials that he noticed Perez was holding a gun by his waist, “making sure that everybody there knew that he had a gun,” according to court documents.

The victim added that the people inside the restaurant started to move under the tables as they saw Perez with the gun, which is when the victim decided to walk outside and strip Perez of the weapon. The victim told officials that he believed Perez was “going to start shooting at the people inside, including himself and his girlfriend,” according to court documents.

The victim said he exited the restaurant and pretended to walk in another direction so that he could “take him down” and “get the weapon away from him”. Once the victim touched Perez, he was shot in the shoulder area.

Court documents also state that Perez initially showed up to the restaurant with a friend, who was going to check his girlfriend’s phone. Perez stayed outside of the restaurant while his friend looked through his girlfriend’s phone.

The couple then walked towards the car arguing while Perez was outside and appeared to be “yelling at somebody.” The friend told police that while he was arguing with his girlfriend, he heard two gunshots coming from Perez’ direction. The friend adds that Perez then came running to the car and got into the front passenger seat and told his friend, “Let’s go.”

Perez then “threw the gun out the window in the area of Trawood between Vista de Oro and Lomaland,” according to court documents.