EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – PBS El Paso hosted a Back-to-School Bash Saturday morning, Aug. 12 at the Bassett Place.

KTSM spoke with the development manager of PBS El Paso, Fabiola Trevizo, about what the event had to offer to the community.

“The Back-to-School Bash is an initiative we do to hype up the kids for the new school year by giving them information, materials and tools that they can use throughout the year to have the best school year ever, 2023-2024,” Trevizo said.

Trevizo said their sponsors, including El Paso Electric, PNC Bank and Devoted Health Plans, attended the event along with over 35 organizations/businesses that were willing to give back to the kids in the Borderland.

“We are amazed by the response of the community and the love they have for PBS that made them come here and have fun with us,” Trevizo said. “We are a channel for the community and by the community, so we got to give back to them.”

This being the first year of hosting the event, Trevizo said they want and are planning on hosting the same event every year.

“One of the ideas PBS had for this year, it was to give back to the community. We’ve been going to different events we’ve been invited to, and we create relationships with our partners. That’s why they are here today, because we created those relationships,’ Trevizo said. “It’s not only about the event. It is about creating long-term relationships to come together and work for the community of El Paso.”

Trevizo concluded by saying that everything PBS does is to give back and support the Borderland.