Parking problems on UTEP campus


Three weeks into the semester UTEP students say they are still having parking issues on campus.

Last week NewsChannel9 took these concerns to UTEP, asking if the university had oversold parking and were provided with the following response by UTEP officials:

“The parking lots have not been oversold. Adjustments have been made due to the loss of space in the lot near the building site of the Interdisciplinary Research Building, and we are closely monitoring the space use in the Sun Bowl Parking Garage. We are working with our customers through this adjustment period, and anyone with valid Sun Bowl Parking Garage permit will be allowed to parking in any parking lot on campus without being cited. We appreciate the patience of our students, faculty, staff and visitors, and anyone with questions or concerns can contact UTEP’s Parking and Transportation Services at or 915-747-5166.”

Some students went as far as obtaining open records requests from the university on the number of parking permits issued compared to the amount of parking spots available and say UTEP oversold parking permits by more than 1000. 

“It’s ridiculous the amount of time you have to spend looking and fighting for that one spot,” says UTEP student Alondra Medina, who submitted the open records request. “We’re supposed to be focusing on our classes not on where we can park.”

Based on the information provided on the open records request, NewsChannel9 checked back with UTEP  and were given the following statement by UTEP officials:

“There are 7,329 spaces on campus that are open to students, faculty and staff, and we sold a total of 11,179 permits. The parking lots and garages frequently turn over throughout the day as students leave and arrive for classes, and our parking office tries to ensure that the use of space is optimized. This semester, we have experienced the loss of some parking spaces in the parking lot near the future Interdisciplinary Research Building site, and we have been closely monitoring the use of space in the Sun Bowl Parking Garage. We are also working with our colleagues around the University to ensure that we have enough spaces available during peak class times. We appreciate the patience of our students, faculty and staff during this adjustment period.”    

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