El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — The magnitude of irregular operations with flights being cancelled leaves the question on how out-of-town fans will recover from not being able to make it to the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl this year.

The Annual Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl brings in thousands of travelers each year, and as Southwest Airlines still tries to manage their recovery from operational challenges, fans and even families of the players flying in from out of town have had quite the challenge getting to El Paso.

Southwest released a statement Thursday, Dec. 29, planning to continue their return of normal operations with minimal disruptions for Friday, Dec. 30. This stems from the magnitude and scale of disruptions from flights being cancelled in various parts of the country. However, for those families traveling out of town for the Annual Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl game, may already be too late.

“We’ve got some of our parents trickling in. I know Jake BoBos parents drove 12 hours. they decided to jump in a car and get here, and there are still parents trickling in,” says head coach of UCLA Bruins football team Chip Kelly, he was also asked how players families have been impacted. “We’re hoping that we can get the whole allotment here by game time tomorrow.”

With operational challenges from Southwest being a world-renowned issue, many Pittsburg fans flying in for the big game aren’t able to make it. “Well, I know we’ve had a few calls from Pittsburg people wanting refunds for their tickets because they can’t get here,” says Bernie Olivas, Director of the Sun Bowl Association. “You know we have a no refund policy, even though we did last year; and I heard that some people from Los Angeles are even driving down here.”

Bernie explained further that some of those Pittsburg fans that weren’t able to make it this year, have started selling their tickets to military personal, which he says is awesome since we have Fort Bliss military in El Paso.

As for individuals who are still trying to recover from the scale of disruptions of their booked flights, Southwest Airlines has set up a page at Southwest.com/traveldisruption for customers to submit refunds and reimbursement requests for meals, hotels, and alternate transportation; as well as connecting customers to their baggage.