EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The family of Alexander Hoffmann, a Walmart shooting victim, sits down with KTSM in Juarez for an exclusive interview revealing more alleged intimidation coming from former Village of Vinton Municipal Judge Roger Rodriguez.

Rosa Maria and her son Thomas Hoffmann spoke about Roger Rodriguez and his continuous alleged intimidation tactics, starting in summer of 2022 when they say he was first introduced to them by the former D.A. Yvonne Rosales as a member of her staff.

Hoffmanns told the story from the beginning; when Rodriguez and his wife allegedly wrote an email from the Hoffmanns’ phone addressed to local El Paso media.

The first email bashes the judge assigned to the state’s Walmart case, Sam Medrano, and former lead prosecutor Amanda Enriquez.

The email was sent in August, after judge Sam Medrano put a gag order on the state’s Walmart shooting case against the shooter Patrick Crusius.

The gag order meant none of the parties in the case, including the D.A., attorneys nor witnesses could speak publicly of it.

Since the emails were signed by the Hoffmanns who are witnesses in the case, this was putting them at risk of breaking the judge’s gag order and facing legal penalties.

But before the gag order was even put in place, former D.A. Yvonne Rosales announced to El Paso Media she would be putting Patrick Crusius to trial in the summer of 2023.

This was a trigger for judge Medrano to put the gag order in place, directing criticism towards Rosales’s office and establishing that the case has not moved forward since enough to set the trial date yet.

A chain of events surrounding the Walmart case and former D.A., triggered an investigation into who broke the gag order.

KTSM was one of the local media outlets that helped the investigation by comparing the list of contacts that the alleged Hoffmanns‘ email was sent to, to the media list from D.A. Rosales’s office.

The list turned out to be a match, suggesting that the email bashing judge Medrano did not come from Hoffmann’s but supposedly someone who had access to the contacts from the D.A.’s office.

Judge Medrano set a status hearing for the Hoffmann’s to testify about the emails, but according to their testimony on November 30, the D.A.’s alleged staff member Roger Rodriguez told them they should not answer the D.A.’s calls nor testify in Medrano’s court hearing.

The Hoffmanns’ told the story all over again in their home in Juarez, remembering how they felt when they were asked to meet with Rodriguez. 

“Let’s go talk to him, but under one condition – that we record him,” said Rosa.

And they did record Rodriguez every time they met with him. Those audio recordings were submitted in court as evidence.

They say Rodriguez wanted them to sign on an attorney he had suggested.

After they refused, they had Mexican state agents appear at their house, but the Hoffmanns believe they were imposters. 

The two state agents came on a national Mexican holiday and tried to serve them paperwork which does not fall under their duties. 

Rosa said she also had her criminal records pulled, which is classified information, only to reveal that she was a victim of numerous crimes, not a perpetrator.

“He was trying with that information to frame my mom as a really bad person,” Thomas said. 

In September, Rosa was crossing the border to enter the U.S. and meet with the attorney assigned to her by judge Sam Medrano in order to determine who broke the gag order. 

She was detained by CBP agents and held for seven hours.

Thomas explained that the agents told her she was detained because she lied on her visa application by claiming she was married while she was legally divorced from her husband Alexander.

“This document shows that my mom never lied because when she asked for the  visa she didn’t say that she was divorced but that she was widowed,” Thomas said. 

“That he had already died,” Rosa added. 

Rosa and Alexander lived together for over 30 years and were married by common law.

Thomas obtained a document from the state of Chihuahua mentioning former Assistant District Attorney Curtis Cox. 

“In this document it says who is responsible for extortion and harassment. It says Curtis Cox Senior Division Chief,” Thomas read from the document. 

He explained that his investigation revealed that Cox made several emails to federal officials to interfere with her immigration status and stop her from entering the U.S.

Current District Attorney Bill Hicks sent a letter beginning of February saying:

“I, as District Attorney, specifically disavow any attempt by former ADA Cox to effect her ability to enter or remain within the United States. I would ask that any information provided by Mr. Cox be treated as suspect and regarded as being specifically disavowed by this office.”

 And even now, with a new D.A. in office the alleged harassment by Rodriguez continues, Hoffmanns said. 

They believe that Rodriguez is acting on behalf of his own interest. 

All this stress, losing her husband and dealing with Rodriguez, has caused Rosa’s health to decline and she now suffers from heart issued. 

And now, they are in a new battle with Rodriguez.

Rosa and Thomas claim that Rodriguez is now claiming in the state of Chihuahua that their husband and father had a mistress who he lived with for years since he was legally divorced from Rosa. 

The Hoffmanns showed a written testimony by the alleged mistress that claims they met in the early 2010’s and lived together. 

Thomas and Rosa are certain this is not true because Alexander was fighting cancer at the time and was in severe pain constantly. 

“It’s impossible that my dad was flirting with women because he was sick with cancer,” Thomas said. 

They believe that this story was fabricated by Rodriguez to discredit Rosa and prevent her from getting her husband’s property along with the expected multimillion compensation from the lawsuit against Walmart. 

The Hoffmann’s confirmed that the Mexican authorities rejected the statement and they believe that the identity of the person who was said to be Alexander’s mistress was made up. 

They are now proceeding with the legal action against Rodriguez with the Chihuahua’s state District Attorney aiming to prove their claim that Rodriguez fabricated the story.

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