On Your Side: Scams to avoid in 2020


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Beware of deals that seem too good to be true, as the last decade ushered in the era of an unprecedented number of scams.

Here’s what scams to expect — and avoid in 2020:

Fake online stores

In the new year, expect more counterfeit merchandise reaching you cell-phone or home computer.

Popular brands like Nike, RayBan, Adidas have been victims of scammers creating fake online stores that offer goods at prices to good to be true.

Why is the possible? The number of scammers phishing links on social media and fake websites have skyrocketed.

So in 2020, when you make an online order, make sure it’s a legitimate site.

Phishing scams

One of the online communities’ biggest vulnerabilities is protecting your password. Over the last few years, popular online steaming services and banks have been hacked.

Some of breaches come from phishing scams.

2020 will usher in a new wave of online protection services and tools for you to better protect your passwords.


To Pay or not to Pay? That is the question as Ransomeware became more widespread in 2019 and is expected to proliferate in 2020, despite efforts to stem the tide by the FBI.

Phishing emails have been one of the leading points of entry for an attack.

So don’t download unfamiliar websites. Expect Ransomware attacks to become more targeted in this new year.

Cryptocurrency scams

As Cryptocurrency become continues to make it way into the mainstream, expect it to be vulnerable to online pickpocket.

Bad actors will find their ways to exploit and take advantage of crypto offerings. The creation of fake ICOs (initial coin offerings) to lure in unsuspecting investors is expected to increase, so again — use common sense.

Fraud detection and prevention is critically important as we enter this new decade.


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