Oh Deer! El Paso neighborhoods seeing more wildlife than usual


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Residents of a West El Paso neighborhood are seeing a lot of wildlife this fall including deer, coyotes, foxes, and skunks.

Resident Ramon Jaimes says he’s lived in the area for five years and hasn’t encountered this much wildlife, and says neither has his neighbors that have been there even longer.

What homeowner believes to be a coyote on his property

“We show them the video and it’s like wow that’s crazy because we haven’t seen anything like it,” said Jaimes.

He says even his wife ran into coyotes on a walk.

“I was walking and they were coming and it was already kind of dark and as soon as I saw them I stood still for a few seconds. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to go back to the house very slow,” said Maythe Mejorado Jamies.

Deer captured on surveillance video

An El Paso permitted wildlife rehabilitator Marcia Fulton says the reason the wildlife is coming into the neighborhood is because of food.

“However they’re getting it or however they’re being attracted, food is the number one reason wild animals will come into somebody’s yard,” said Marcia Fulton.

Fulton says that food could even be from dog and cat bowls.

This could be unintentional because people might be feeding their animals the cats, dogs outside and that leaves a bowl of food around, coyotes will come in and eat,” said Fulton. “And if the deer are coming in, they’re coming in because there’s either grass or foliage in the yard that they can’t find in the mountains right now, and another reason the coyotes might be coming in is because the deer are coming in.”

wildlife rehabilitator Marcia Fulton

Jaimes adds that he has a small dog and will not let the dog outside alone for fear of the coyotes that he knows have come into his yard.

“I am worried because I’ve heard a couple of horrible stories with neighbors that they would kill their pets,” Jaimes shared.

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