NICU baby grows up and returns to same hospital she was born to do OBGYN residency


LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) – El Pasoan Amanda Chavarria graduated from the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine on Friday. Her mother brought to tears seeing her daughter holding her diploma, remembering when she didn’t know if her daughter would live to ever see this day.

Amanda Chavarria and her mother Sharon Chavarria

“A very fearful time for me emotionally it tugged at our hearts my husband and I, it was extremely emotional, she had a very slim chance at life,” said Sharon Chavarria, Amanda’s mother.

Amanda was born at Del Sol Medical center in El Paso back in 1993 and will now be heading to the very same hospital to do her residency.

Her mother telling KTSM 9 News she always shared stories with her daughter of the OBGYN who helped her through the scary time. Those stories inspiring Amanda Chavarria to become an OBGYN herself.

“I made it out alive and I’m really happy to be here today,” said Amanda Chavarria. “Hearing the stories about my mom and how comfortable she was with her OBGYN it was a really great story to hear and it allowed me to take the right path and get the right idea of exactly what kind of doctor I want to be.”

A full-circle moment for the recent graduate as she will soon walk into the hospital that helped save her life as a baby.

“I was originally born at a hospital called Vista Hills in El Paso and now the hospital is called Del Sol. It was a tumultuous time for my parents especially for my mom,” said Amanda Chavarria.

Hoping to meet and learn from the woman who delivered her.

“Even though I know some of the staff that was working when I was born probably is no longer there I’m really hoping to run into the OBGYN that delivered me I know she’s still working in El Paso.”

Amanda Chavarria graduation photo

Amanda Chavarria telling KTSM 9 News she wants to be there for El Paso women going through the same struggles her mother went through delivering her. Something her mother is very proud of.

“She’s here for that reason to serve her community to serve El Pasoans and she’s going to help a lot of these women around the area,” said Sharon Chavarria.

The President of the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine could be seen shaking Amanda Chavarria’s hand and handing her, her diploma on Friday.

“For her to be a graduate where not only where she was born in to do her residency but to but to represent our medical school,” said John Hummer President of the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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