If you’re driving to Las Vegas, you’re most likely using Interstate 15. 

You’ll notice more troopers looking out for speeding and erratic driving, but with security increased for the holiday, they’re also searching for hazardous materials like explosives.

Nevada Highway Patrol is giving a closer look at some trucks at checkpoints.

“They’re just kind of eyeballing it to see if there’s anything suspicious,” said Trooper Jason Buratczuk, NHP.

“I don’t mind them doing it, inspecting,” said truck driver Daniel Lawrence. “Unless I’m in a hurry, they’re costing me driving time, like right now.”

Lawrence is driving on I-15 through Las Vegas on part of his trip from California to Utah.

“It means less miles today and most of us drivers get paid by the mile, so sitting here right now I’m making no money whatsoever,” he said.

But he also says he understands there’s heightened security due to New Year’s Eve.

There are two checkpoints, one at the north and south entry points for Las Vegas. Troopers are inspecting the trucks to make sure they’re safe and scanning for hazardous materials.

“It can detect minor particles from up to a mile away,” Buratczuk said.

A small device that could help prevent mass destruction.

“If it jumps up really high and starts to beep and vibrate on us, then we know there’s something to look at,” another trooper points out.

It turns out, Lawrence’s truck passed the test.

But with driving hours regulated to help prevent drowsy driving, Lawrence was flagged for going just over the time limit – a mere 11 seconds.

Troopers let him go without a ticket, but he was warned.

The checkpoints are expected to continue until the morning of New Year’s Day. However, troopers will be out in full force throughout the day.