DALLAS(KDAF)—Texas takes its superstitious beliefs very seriously…very superstitious.. like writing on the walls superstitious.

Online Sports Betting website, BETMGM listed the states who are the most to least superstitious states.

BETMGM said “We surveyed people from all 42 states to see which states are the most and least superstitious and which superstitions are the most popular across the country. Based on these answers, we developed a “superstition score” that took into account the percentage of respondents from each state who said they believed in each superstition we asked about”.

Texas has been ranked the highest in superstitious out of all 50 states with a score of 73.96 out of 100. It is no surprise that Texas’ favorite superstitious belief is four-leaf clovers, while the bad luck superstitious is breaking a mirror.

The most common superstitious action that Texans take is knocking on wood. It is believed that this action will bring protection from bad luck, and bring good luck to those who knock on wood. This superstitious action is so common that it is a part of the culture in Texas.