New organization seeks to build platform for El Paso leaders


The organization is called "El Paso Leadership Network" (EPLN). It aims to lead El Pasoans to improve our city in due time and phases.

A new organization is working to help the Sun City reach its highest potential by mentoring young El Pasoans who want to be engaged in the areas that impact our community the most.

The organization is called “El Paso Leadership Network” (EPLN). It aims to lead El Pasoans to improve our city in due time and phases.

“El Paso is a very peculiar place. We have a community that has a lot of students who are first generation and low-income who have not had the privilege to be exposed to what is necessary in order to be successful in the college and scholarship application process,” Miguel Moya, Co-Founder and President of EPLN said.

EPLN works to improve development in El Paso such as education, government, business and more.

By accomplishing its vision, it’s starting with first phase: EPLN Scholars.

It’s a virtual scholars program that aims to recruit University students from prestigious colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UCLA, UT Austin, and UTEP, to help mentor high school kids in El Paso with applying for college or scholarships.

“Likewise, El Paso is a secluded city from other major bigger cities like Dallas or Houston where there is a lot of opportunity to engage in programs that allow students to become successful applicants in college or scholarships,” Moya shared, “We want to get these students together so we’re able to mentor current high school students so they can become successful applicants.”

The following phases include partnering with different types of businesses’ or non-profits to establish possible internship opportunities. Then, building large scale projects with city government, education, and business.

Moya said the first phase is the most crucial, “Really the foundation of our network lies in the success of implementing tangible projects so the mentorship program is really our focus right now.”

The organization is looking to recruit mentors and executive board members to help implement an efficient mentoring program.

Those applications can be found here. The deadline is August 2nd.

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