New children’s book aims to make Alzheimer’s Disease a kid-friendly topic


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –Having a discussion about Alzheimer’s Disease with a young child can be challenging, which is why the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) had published a new children’s book to help adults discuss this important topic with their kids.

“When Alzheimer’s enters a family’s life, it often brings many questions—children especially may not understand what is happening or why their loved one is behaving a certain way,” said AFA President & CEO Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr.

The book is said to be kid-friendly and discusses the topic of Alzheimer’s in a very child age-appropriate way.

“Dancing with Granddad: An Alzheimer’s Story for Children and Their Families,” was published in both English and Spanish, and according to a release, the book is now available for purchase through the AFA’s e-store at

“This educational tool gives adults a way to explain Alzheimer’s disease to a child in an age-appropriate way, answer questions and show them that love is a bond that Alzheimer’s can never break,” said Fuschillo.

All proceeds will go towards AFA programs, services, and research toward a more effective treatment/cure for Alzheimer’s disease, a release said.

The release also mentions that the book includes a message from AFA about how to introduce a conversation with children about Alzheimer’s disease—including sample questions to ask the child and tips to help them better understand. 

“Young children, in particular, may sense something is amiss when a family member has Alzheimer’s, but may not be able to understand the subtle changes that are occurring early on in the disease progression,” said Jennifer Reeder, LCSW, AFA’s Director of Educational & Social Services. “Reading this book together with your child and having a conversation can help make them more understanding and compassionate, less fearful, and ultimately learn new ways to communicate with their loved one.” 

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