El Paso native Drew Litton has had a busy career. The 1977 Coronado graduate is one of the last sports editorial cartoonists in the country.

The sports cartoonist began doing editorials in the El Paso Times graphics department in the late 70’s before moving on to Denver to work for the Rocky Mountain News from 1982 until the paper’s last edition on February 27, 2009. During his tenure in Denver, his name became synonymous with Denver sports- the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche are staples of his artwork, along with the University of Colorado Buffaloes.

“They were looking for a sports-minded artist, someone who could draw about sports topics but make them edgy and controversial and to kind of have some fun with them. I came along right at the same time as John Elway did, so I was able to chronicle Elway’s career all the way through.” said Litton.

Litton, who was asthmatic as a young child, honed his artistic skills after a little family inspiration “My grandfather every Sunday morning would read me the Sunday funnies, there was a magic in that.” Litton recalled.  

Despite his national success as a sports cartoonist, Litton has never forgotten his hometown of El Paso. “I went to high school with Steve Haskins, who was Don Haskins’ son, so the whole 1966 Texas Western Championship is still a very integral part of who I am and my sports background. The UTEP football team was 4-52. They were the worst college football program in the country at the time.  I’d like to think that’s where I got my humor about sports.”

Since the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, Litton has been a regular contributor to Denver’s 9News, ESPN.com, the Chicago Tribune as well as his own website, DrewLitton.com. Litton’s latest venture is Finnegan’s Field, a comic strip chronicling a lovable rescue dog.