In-N-Out in New Mexico? Company’s president says maybe

Drive Through Demise_1539910157874

Cars exit the drive-thru at In-N-Out Burger on Friday, June 11, 2010, in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Adam Lau)

A well-known California-based burger joint has mentioned a possible expansion to New Mexico in a recent article.

Forbes published an October 10 interview with In-N-Out President Lynsi Snyder who discussed future possibilities for the iconic company.

The article mentions the restaurant’s expansion to Colorado last November stating once completed, a new regional headquarters and facility specializing in patty-making could be next by 2020.

With a new supply center nearby, that would allow the company to possibly expand to New Mexico as it would follow the strict In-N-Out guideline that all restaurants must be within a day’s drive from company warehouses.

Still, Snyder tells Forbes, “I don’t see us stretched across the whole U.S.”

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