Domino’s Pizza taking nominations for pothole repairs


Is your town plagued by potholes and in desperate need of repair? Just let Domino’s Pizza know!

Domino’s is doing their part to help fix America’s infrastructure and to make sure your pizza gets delivered in tact. As part of their “Paving for Pizza” initiative, Domino’s is helping cities tackle the problem of potholes so that your pizza doesn’t fly off in the floor due to road conditions.

The pizza company now has a dedicated website taking nominations for towns across America in need of a little extra help with crumbling roads. 

Domino’s has already provided funding to help towns in California, Texas, Georgia and Delaware. And your town could be next!

Consumers can go to the paving for pizza website and submit their zip codes for consideration by August 31st, 2018. If your town is selected, Domino’s will help fund the repair of roads to get your pizza home safely! 

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