Daredevil Raccoon Climbs Skyscraper


A raccoon got itself into quite the predicament after scaling a tower in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The raccoon became stranded on the ledge of an office building a couple days ago, according to Minnesota Public Radio news reporter Tim Nelson.

On Tuesday, building maintenance workers were able to get the poor raccoon to move, but instead of coming down, it began climbing the UBS Tower next door.

Around 11:30 Tuesday morning, the raccoon was 12 stories up the tower, then around 12:30, the raccoon was seen taking a nap on the other side of a window.

Just before 4:30 p.m., the raccoon was seen resting on the 23rd floor.

Paige Donnelly Law, who is also on the 23rd floor, tweeted that they were told live traps had been put on the roof of the building in hopes the raccoon would make it up there.

The raccoon has gained a social media following around the country, as people hope the little creature can safely make it to the top of the building. 

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