Couple Goes Extra Mile to Find Texas Dog’s Owners


A couple is searching for the owner of a dog that was found more than 1,500 miles away from home. 

Chaya Sarah DuBrow and her fiance, Avi Bessin, started contacting people via Facebook when DuBrow found a dog wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

DuBrow said she and a friend were eating at a cafe when the dog approached them. DuBrow told us they knew they could not just leave the dog alone so they took him to DuBrow’s apartment.

After taking the dog to the vet, she learned the dog’s name is Benjamin, and his microchip is registered to a “Kylee Douglass” in Texas.

We learned of this story when the author, Kylee Douglass, was contacted by DuBrow and Bessin during the search for Benjamin’s owner.

The phone number associated with the microchip has been since disconnected. DuBrow said she contacted the vet clinic where Benjamin was registered in Corpus Christi, but they had no forwarding contact information.

Since then, DuBrow and her fiance have contacted more than 50 people through social media, searching for Benjamin’s owner.

“I’ve been reaching out to people on Facebook,” said DuBrow. “Searched every Kyle and Kylee Douglass that I could find that would accept my friend request and send them a message.” 

Bessin is currently living in Toronto, Canada and is also doing his part in finding Benjamin’s owner.

“He also tried searching for the phone number and then he thinks he’s tracked down relatives of the Kylee Douglass and we called those people but their phone numbers also disconnected,” said DuBrow.

DuBrow said Benjamin is very clean, listens well, and is very sweet.

DuBrow and Bessin told us they want Benjamin to go to his original family, but if they cannot find them, they have homes lined up to take him.

When asked what they will do if Benjamin’s owner claims him and lives out of state, DuBrow said, “I can take a road trip and drive him or meet them somewhere. I’m sure that would be totally fine. I’m game to do that if it works. I guess that’s a bridge we’ll have to cross when we get there.”  

DuBrow wants anyone with information to reach out to her through Facebook messenger.

“We’re hopeful to be able to find his family and if not, his forever home,” DuBrow added.

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