EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As fans gear up for the 2023 MLB season, many are reporting they won’t be attending a game this year due to the high cost of a ticket.

And it turns out that Astros fans are once again facing some of the highest prices.

A report from PlayMA.com shows that the average Astros ticket price this year is $58.61, which is the third-highest in the Major Leagues behind only the Boston Red Sox ($61.71 per ticket on average) and New York Yankees ($61.59).

The study shows that 35-percent of baseball fans say they will be skipping out on seeing a game in-person this year due to financial constraints.

Those who say they DO plan to attend games in-person report hoping to be able to go to at least three games, on average, this season.

Astros fans would have to work about three hours to afford one ticket, based on the average annual household income reported for workers from the Houston area.

Some fanbases have it much easier, especially those who support the Arizona Diamondbacks. The average ticket price there is $22.12, which is actually slightly less than the average hourly wage for workers in the Phoenix area ($23 per hour).

If you want to enhance your experience and opt for a suite, that will run you about $4,750 if you’re planning to see the Astros play at home.

But that’s actually a bargain compared to the cost to reserve a suite at some stadiums. For instance, the average price of a suite at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is a whopping $15,000 while fans of the Washington Nationals can expect to pay around $12,250 for a suite.