Parents uncooperative as authorities search for boy’s body

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As the search for a 5-year-old’s body continues in Dickson County, the boy’s parents appeared in Dickson County Juvenile Court Tuesday afternoon.

Photos sent to News 2 by a viewer show the couple wearing shackles, orange jumpsuits and bulletproof vests.

The couple was transported together in the same vehicle from jail to court with a partition separating them, said Dickson County Sheriff Bledsoe.

The couple was scheduled to be in court at 3:00 p.m. The reason is unclear. 

In one of the photos, Joe Daniels seems to be saying something to his wife, Krystal Daniels. The Sheriff says he is aware that it appears they were talking while deputies remain a few steps behind them.

Sheriff Bledsoe says Mr. Daniels is not cooperating with police and is currently “under observation” in jail. Sheriff Bledsoe says he and his deputies are tasked with keeping all inmates safe, regardless of the charges they face.

Joseph “Joe Clyde” Daniels was initially reported missing by his family last Wednesday morning. After an extensive search and investigation, authorities charged his father, Joseph Ray Daniels with criminal homicide.

Authorities said the 28-year-old father killed Joe Clyde before hiding his body in a rural location. 

The boy’s mother, Krystal Daniels, was arrested late Monday night after she admitted to police she was present when her husband beat their son to death. 

She’s charged with aggravated child neglect and endangerment. 

Both Joseph Ray and Krystal Daniels are jailed on $1 million bonds.

“It was just so shocking,” Dickson County resident Melissa Binson said. “The whole community came together in love hoping that he was alright and to think that his father could have done that and his mother was aware was just unthinkable.” 

Balloons and flowers have been left outside the family’s home. News 2 stopped by the home on Tuesday and was told by the little boy’s grandfather that he did not want to speak.

Authorities said they are continuing to actively search for the little boy’s body but have not indicated on where the search is focused. 

Joe Clyde’s school is accepting book donations in his honor. Books can be mailed to: 

Centennial Elementary School
ATTN: Crysti Sheley
198 Upper Lake Drive
Dickson, Tenn. 37055

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