Outed, Baja California governor admits he had COVID-19

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Baja California Governor admits he had COVID-19. Courtesy: state of Baja California.

TIJUANA (Border Report) — More than three months after testing positive for the coronavirus, an outspoken Mexican governor has hesitantly confirmed he had COVID-19.

That’s because word of Baja California Gov. Jaime Bonilla testing positive actually came from state Secretary of Tourism Mario Escobedo, who mentioned it during a recent interview.

Bonilla is known as a controversial figure in Mexican politics who often speaks his mind, even taking on figures such as President Donald Trump. His tourism secretary was no exception.

“Mario is a tattletale,” Bonilla said of Escobedo, as Bonilla begrudgingly admitted to having had COVID-19.

Bonilla said that earlier in the year he had headaches and fatigue and sought medical treatment in San Felipe, a small city along the Gulf of Mexico where he claims he didn’t get diagnosed with the virus.

He says the symptoms continued and that’s when he sought help from Dr. Alonso Perez, the state’s secretary of health.

“After a meeting and some tests where they checked everything, they told me it was sinusitis,” Bonilla said.

Bonilla claims weeks went by until March when the first cases of COVID-19 became known.

While comparing symptoms with those of the virus, Bonilla says he decided to get tested.

“I kept way from everyone, the test was negative, but came back positive in the antibody check,” Bonilla said.

Bonilla told reporters he has tested negative three times since learning he had the virus.

“Since I tested for the antibodies, I can’t get the virus anymore,” he said.

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