Killeen, TX (FOX 44) — An Angel of Hope statue is being unveiled this weekend to help parents remember the lives of their children.

The memorial site is at Advent Health Central Texas in Killeen, the first one in our area.

One parent, Harley Fee, put aside funds to help make this site possible.

Fee says his life forever changed in Fall 2019 realizing he was going to be a father.

“All the things that you think about to have with your with your child. Teaching them to be a good person. Teach them how to live their life in a good way,” said Fee.

In the womb, his daughter Lauren Mae Fee was diagnosed with down syndrome and multiple heart defects.

A high risk pregancy, Harley knew Lauren would immediately go to the natal intensive care unit after birth.

On April 29, 2020, ten days before delivery, Lauren passed away as a stillborn.

“It was just chaos. It was absolutely soul crushing. We were trying to make it through it as best as we could,” said Fee.

Stationed at Fort Cavazos, Fee has to travel five hours to see his daughter’s grave in Midland.

Having to relocate soon, Fee used her life insurance funds to help other parents who’ve lost their child.

“There’s a place where you can come to grieve, where you don’t have to feel alone, where you can have peace for a short time. You know, come here and talk to your family. You know, talk to your children,” said Fee.

Advent Health Central Texas CEO Kevin Smith says the Angel of Hope memorial has butterflies around the statue for parents to leave their mark.

“We’re going to invite families that have lost children to place a plaque on those butterflies, to remember their children, and to use this as a of a space of contemplation and healing,” said Smith.

Whenever Fee sees the statue thinking about his daughter, as a parent, he says he feels thankful.

“She never knew what cold was. She never knew what pain was. She never knew what fear was. She never knew what hunger was. She at least was spared of all of that,” said Fee.

Regardless of age, Fee wants this Angel of Hope Statue to be a place for every parent to remember their child.