EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Getting your nails done is a must for some but for many what about getting them cleaned properly? Nail Vault on Lee Trevino Drive wants the Borderland to know the importance of healthy nails.

Certified Master Pedicurist Kaylah Hernandez is a one-woman band. She specializes with problematic toenails and diabetic footcare at Nail Vault.

Hernandez tells KTSM, her mission is to bring knowledge to her clients about nail care.

“I think again educating the clients and people going to get these pedicures kind of being more aware and learn the things that are safe and not to prevent those issues from arising,” said Hernandez.

Nail Vault has been open for one year now and she says, she’s already seen over hundreds of clients in the past year. To be specific, 20 clients a week with damaged nails.

She says it’s mainly because her clients have gone to previous nail salons where they’ve used cheese graters on feet.

 “I use stainless steel foot files here and it cannot cut anybody. It can’t hurt anyone, they’re very safe and very sterile. Because you never want to remove a full callus, you want to reduce it, our feet and hands build callus for a reason. If you remove them it’s going to reproduce because it’s trying to protect wherever the callus is.” said Hernandez.

Hernandez says if your feet feel smooth after a cheese grater has been used on your feet, it’s actually because its caused microtears in the skin. Adding that, if you see your pedicurist wanting to use it, avoid it because it will cause more harm than good.

Another safety tip to be cautious about is the same nail tools used on each client when getting a manicure or a pedicure. If tools are not properly washed and sanitized, it can create fungal and bacterial infections.

“Your nail can completely separate from the nail bed, there’s, you can get like puss and again infection build up underneath the nail bed as well, fungus, like those are the most common ones,” said Hernadez.

Hernandez says a couple tips to keep in mind when going to a nail salon is to make sure that it is licensed and two, don’t be afraid to ask your nail tech for a record a cleaning record beforehand.

With upgraded protocols since the pandemic, Hernandez says it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“You can ask for that information, you can ask, or a pedicure log. Every salon that has a bases or whirlpools they are required to clean that base daily and they need to show you,” said Hernandez.

If you would like to learn more about Nail Vault and book an appoitment click here, the nail salon is located at1891 N Lee Trevino Drive, Suite 500.

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