Motorcycle crash leaves one person with life-threatening injuries


Police say a chain-reaction crash in Mission Valley left an El Paso man, 45-year-old Juan Castro Jr., with life-threatening injuries.

According to a news release, three motorcycles and a car were all involved. Investigators believe that a 2007 Scion was driving on Castner Drive and made a left turn onto N. Zaragoza in front of several motorcycles.

Police say one of the motorcycles then collided with the Scion when two others, in an attempt to avoid the crash, also crashed into one another. Other than Castro Jr., all of the other motorists were unharmed. Officials have not yet provided any updates on his condition.

As of Saturday, no charges had been filed. The case remains open for investigation.



Police are investigating a motorcycle accident that left one person with life-threatening injuries, an El Paso Police spokesman tells NewsChannel9.

Police say the crash happened at Zaragoza and Castner at about 1:35 a.m. early Saturday morning. The cause of the crash, and whether or not other vehicles were involved, has not yet been released.

This is a developing story; NewsChannel9 will give updates as more information becomes available.

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